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Naturalist outings

Come and discover Togo biodiversity ranging from the Guinea gulf cetaceans to the mammals in the national parks to the  African open bills found on wet savannahs and mangrove kingfishers.


Come on board a boat seating six passengers to discover the humpback whales off the Togolese coasts, accompany the dolfins swimming on the morning swell or sight the killer whales if you are lucky.


Come and discover the protected area of Togo from the most famous like the National Park of FazaoMalfakassa or less visited like the National Park of Togodo. Binoculars and guides to identify the fauna will be provided by the organization and the camping equipement if you are ready  to go for a multi-day adventure.

You may see warthogs, elephants, bushbucks, mona monkeys Senegal galagos with eyes like flames or even crocodiles and hippopotamus.


Guided by high skilled ornithologists come and discover the richness of the avifauna ( more than 600 species), you may participate to the identification of a non listed bird in Togo.


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