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Guiding and assistance of your adventure raids in Togo

You will cross various sites that are really adapted to a 4wd adventure and will experience an unforgettable adventure

The 4wd are Toyota Land Cruiser 5 seats type BJ genuine legendary cars for African raids and they are equipped with winches and reinforced suspension.  Thanks to roll bars and soft tops, you enjoy a panoramic view and you feel closer to the environment.


Our offers :


With crossings, trial circuits in tropical environment and treks in                                                                               mountainous areas.

Based on the discovery of the country and its traditions ( Voodoo culture and its numerous fetishes, mountainous areas with a lush  vegetation, historical and archeological sites, Tamberna valley : added to the list of the Unesco World Heritage sites, safaris in the National parks...).


Loic, your tour guide who has been living in Africa for more than 20 years is also a skilled mechanic, he will be in charge of maintaining the vehicle (s) each day at the stopover.

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