Between the reeds of the lake Togo and the meanderings of the river Zio or under the gallery forest of the river Mono, discover a new face of Togo.

 You can navigate quietly on most of the river but there are rapids in some areas (class 2) .

You’ll discover beautiful landscapes composed of small forest islands, rocky outcrops, and unspoiled  gallery forests. You may be lucky and observe monkeys,crocodiles , numerous birds and many other discoveries !

According to your availibilities , different  journeys are proposed with picnic out in the country and  bivouac in tents with mosquito nets.


We provide : inflatable canoe-kayaks, single or two seaters for professional use containers and water proof bags, life jackets as well as tents and inflatable matresses.


Mono River                                          Togo Lake / Zio / Haho

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