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Come and discover the natural habitat and the landscapes of Togo


Well known tours by the 1001PISTES highly experienced team,  on remarkable sites, sporty or casual, in the heart of the African bush.


 During hikes of 1 to 3 days, scramble to the Ykpa waterfalls through a steep trail,  thread your way between the blocks of rock and the ficus intertwined in the exceptional chaos of Mount Dabligto, make your way through the gallery forests of the Mono river or just hike in the Ewe country.

The tropical landscapes of the mountain forests of the Atakora Mountains are particularly suitable for trekking. On small trails on the mountainside, through valleys and plateaux, you will discover the Mounts of Togo and the customs of its inhabitants during treks of 3 to 10 days.


Tracks and trails of different levels, to relax or test yourself, there is nothing better.


We will be happy to meet you and in advance wish you great adventures

with us.


Loic and Paule, the managers.

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