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Boat and whale watching

Humpback whales ( from mid-August to mid-November)


Departure from the harbour at 7.30


The frequent visits of the cetaceans off the Togolese coasts allow us to propose sea trips in order to observe them.

Humpback whales migrate from their feeding areas located at the edge of Antartic to the Gulf of

 Guinea. Throughout their annual migration some females will give birth and others will mate. During the courtship, the males breach and land in impressive splash a great wonder when one knows that an adult is from 15meters to 20 meters long and weighs around 36 tons. Imagine the sea landing !!


Return around 12.30


For these particular tours based on the wildlife observation,  you will be guided by  biologists and naturalists passionate about the above species.


Binoculars and identification guides will be available.


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